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Hostess Brands president: 'The Twinkie is like Elvis - many impersonators, but only one king'

Hostess Brands may develop new cake lines with added fiber, wholegrain or even gluten-free variants and it's not afraid of competition, its president says.

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Dunkin’ Brands cashing in on Royal baby hype

Dunkin’ Brands has launched two products to cash in on celebrations surrounding the birth of the Royal baby.

Premier Foods on morning goods: ‘Reducing salt levels can be very challenging’

UK-based Premier Foods is committed to slashing salt in its breads, cakes and morning goods despite the technical challenges, it says.

Bimbo Bakeries USA unfazed by Hostess re-entry, says president

Bimbo Bakeries USA (BBU) will rise to the challenge of increased market competition following the re-entry of Hostess Brands last week, its president says.

PepsiCo CEO: Quaker needs ‘some attention’

The Quaker brand needs some attention if it is to reach its true potential, says the CEO of PepsiCo.

UPDATE: High protein ‘super’ cereal targets global obesity epidemic, says developer

A newly developed cereal high in protein and fiber but low in fat, salt and sugar has hit the market to tackle the global obesity epidemic, its developer ViSalus says.

Mini pies and slices hold tasty prospects beyond winter holidays, says Nielsen

Downsizing pies can shift the baked good from a one-off winter tradition to an everyday dessert, says Nielsen.

Enwave to sell Moon Cheese snacks

EnWave has partnered with Lucid Capital Management, a holding company of ex-Brookside Foods' chairman, Hugh Wiebe, to sell Moon Cheese, dried cheese snack.

Mondelez buy could fizz Pepsi's flat soda sales, says investor

PepsiCo should acquire Mondelez and split its beverage and snacks businesses, according to an investor with a large stake in both firms.

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New gluten-free Betty Crocker products

Betty Crocker has extended its gluten-free range with two new baking products. 

Twinkies must innovate slowly, warns marketing expert

The Twinkies return has been terrific but the owners need to take things slowly and ensure a solid comeback before launching any line extensions like gluten-free variants, a marketing expert...

PepsiCo needs marketing muscle behind Mighty Lights in the UK, expert

PepsiCo UK needs marketing muscle behind its new reduced fat Mighty Lights potato chip line if the product is to have any public health impact among kids, a nutrition policy...

2 Sisters and Premier Foods strike deal

2 Sisters Food Group has forged a licensing agreement with Premier Foods for the production, distribution, sales and marketing of its Hovis Breakfast Bakes range of breakfast biscuits.

Baker’s union wants involvement in Hostess re-launch

The Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union (BCTGM) says its members should be a part of the newly launched Hostess Brands business given their expertise.

Gluten-free Twinkies: A money-making move?

A gluten-free Twinkie would plug a market gap and hold huge appeal among US gluten-free consumers looking for indulgence and taste, says an analyst.

Snack choice – not frequency – matters most for weight management

Snacking frequency is not related to BMI, according to a new study published in Public Health Nutrition.

Return of the Twinkie: Naughty but nice?

Consumers, the marketers tell us, want healthier, more wholesome snacks with clean-labels and all-natural ingredients. So on paper, at least, the long-term prospects for Twinkies - returning to a store...

Wholegrain has benefits but there is nothing negative about white bread: Federation of Bakers

Wholegrain has its benefits but there is nothing negative about eating white bread and it can be a valuable part of a healthy, balanced diet, says the director of the...

Trends and favorable demographics will drive the $10bn US cereal market, says General Mills

The US cereal category has good growth prospects given the thriving breakfast at home trend and rise of kids and over 55s, says General Mills.

Flowers Foods gets green light to buy ex-Hostess bread assets

Georgia-based Flowers Foods has received the regulatory seal of approval for its $360m deal to acquire several bread brands and other assets from the business formerly known as Hostess Brands.

Cheap white bread: ‘There is no point in having it at all’, says nutritionist

Consumers should be eating wholegrain breads, not basic white that offers little nutritional value, says a UK nutritionist.

The white bread slump: ‘It’s maybe our fault in promoting wholemeal’, says Federation of Bakers

Industry has dedicated a lot of promotional efforts on wholemeal bread and this could have contributed to the slump in white bread, says the Federation of Bakers’ (FOB) director.

Lucky Charms rainbow Pride campaign targeted diverse millennials, says General Mills

General Mills wanted to resonate better with young, diverse Lucky Charms consumers through its #LuckyToBe digital campaign which honored Pride month, its marketing manager says.

Digital marketing is more cost-effective and targeted, says Barbara’s

Weetabix-owned natural and organic cereal and snack firm Barbara’s says it can better target its niche consumer base with digital media efforts at a cheaper cost.

No way! Its Gluten Free: GreenLite set for US gluten-free brand launch

Israeli gluten-free specialists GreenLite are set to launch its new branded bread products to the US market next month, with a European roll out on the horizon too.

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