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Flowers Foods has fighting hope for ex-Hostess ‘powerhouse brand’ Wonder

Flowers Foods will ignite growth in new markets and pick up lost volumes with its newly acquired ex-Hostess brand Wonder – a product its president and CEO describes as a...

PepsiCo president: We misconstrued consumer needs

A better understanding on how consumers think, eat and drink has enabled improved, targeted innovation for Frito-Lay, the president of PepsiCo says.

Another blow: Tesco Express stores drop Hovis breads

This week brings another blow for Hovis as Tesco drops two of its bread brands from its express stores in favor of Kingsmill, so what does the future hold for...

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Kellogg relocates Asia Pacific HQ to Singapore

Kellogg has relocated its Asia Pacific headquarters to Singapore in a move set to strengthen its long-term growth ambitions, its regional president says.

General Mills sees tasty international prospects for snack bars

Broad popularity of grain snack bars on an international scale will underpin prospects for the future, says the CFO of General Mills.


Full-scale turnaround for Seabrook crisps

Former Vimto boss Jonathan Bye has halted Bradford-based Seabrook Crisps' decline and set the firm on a new course, reports Gary Scattergood

Burton’s Biscuits profits soar ahead of proposed sale

UK’s number two biscuit firm Burton’s has recorded profit growth in its full-year 2012 results ahead of a possible sale.

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Burton’s Biscuits on sale for $543m

The UK second largest biscuit company Burton’s Biscuits has been put up for sale by its private equity owners and could command a £350m ($543m) price tag.

General Mills re-launch: Monstrously unhealthy or good sales tactic?

General Mills has announced the re-launch of two of its cult-status monster cereals - bringing Yummy Mummy and Frute Brute back to US shelves in the first of a limited...

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Cronut trademark scramble

Hot new trend? Not so new, says an Ohio baker who claims to have been making doughnut-croissant hybrids since 1991.

A case of semantics: Snax biscuit brand denied trademark

Indian snack company Britannia Industries has lost a trademark battle for its Snax brand despite winning in a similar case against PepsiCo back in 2009.

SPECIAL FEATURE: The comeback kid? From Arcadia Ales and GoGo Squeez to Cereal City, why Michigan is #1 for creating manufacturing jobs

What have you heard lately about Michigan? That its biggest city (Detroit - once the wealthiest city in the world) recently filed for bankruptcy? Or that from December 2009 to...

Hovis strike sheds light on zero-hours contract uncertainty

A Hovis bakery strike has shed light on the practice of zero-hours contracts, whereby workers are “on-call” as opposed to having fixed hours and must take work when they are...

JM Smucker ‘excited’ by growth potential of Enray Inc after acquisition

It’s been a good week for JM Smucker: The company just announced the ‘small but important’ acquisition of Enray Inc., reported its ‘strongest first quarter earnings ever’, and continued to...

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Limited edition Pepsi-flavored Cheetos in Japan

Frito-Lay has developed Pepsi-flavored Cheetos for the Japanese snack market, but revealed no plans to bring them to other markets.

Discos comeback: KP Snacks revamps old favorite

KP Snacks has announced its plans to revamp old favorite Discos, but in an increasingly saturated snack market can brands rely solely on the nostalgia factor?

Quaker oat science: The reality is, it’s just big companies that can fund this research, says analyst

Quaker's involvement in oat research does not need to be compromised by its interest in the sector and should be supported given the lack of funding from elsewhere, says an...

Cricket protein bar maker seeks to ‘normalize the consumption of insects’

Two young entrepreneurs have developed a high protein bar using crickets that they say have superior nutritional qualities and can go a long way in making insect consumption mainstream in...

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Quaker broadens Harvest Crunch line with quinoa bar

Quaker has launched a quinoa bar under its Harvest Crunch line in Canada amid mounting interest in the grain-like crop.

GMO ‘grey area’ feeds ‘all natural’ class actions, says Barbara’s

GMO laws are vague and this is driving up ‘all natural’ class action lawsuits but consumers need to do more to steer the conversation, says cereal and snack maker Barbara’s,...

Fact-finding and brand building: Special K asks for social media posts instead of cash

Special K’s pop-up shop in Australia where social media posts are used instead of cash will give Kellogg crucial face-to-face contact with consumers for fact-finding and brand building, says a...

Flowers Foods CEO on Hostess re-entry: ‘We have confidence that our cake business will weather that reintroduction well’

Flowers Foods remains confident in the strength of its Tastykake business a month after Hostess re-entered the market with the infamous Twinkie et al., its CEO says.

'Retail relationships' to underpin success for Grupo Bimbo's Goodbye Gluten line

Grupo Bimbo has developed a branded US gluten-free line that an analyst predicts big things for given the company’s strong market foothold and retail network.

Hot stuff: Special K multi-grain porridge has a competitive edge, says analyst

Promoting positive nutrition with mixed grains alongside a low fat content will give Kellogg a competitive edge in the porridge market, says analyst.

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Campbell Soup seals Kelsen snack buy

Campbell Soup has completed its acquisition of Danish baked snacks player Kelsen Group.

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