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Suntava secures Non-GMO Project certification for its antioxidant-packed purple corn

By Elaine WATSON , 31-Mar-2014
Last updated on 31-Mar-2014 at 16:31 GMT2014-03-31T16:31:11Z

Suntava secures Non-GMO Project certification for its antioxidant-packed purple corn

Suntava - the Minnesota-based firm promoting anthocyanin-packed purple-corn ingredients - has gone through the Non-GMO Project verification process to reassure customers and consumers that the corn from which they are derived is not genetically engineered.

CEO Bill Petrich said: “We’re proud to be recognized and pleased to be at the forefront of advancing the cause of providing the consumer with foods that are naturally fortified, and safe.”

Suntava supplies a range of purple corn-derived ingredients including natural purple colors; purple corn flour, purple corn meal (for tortilla chips, bars, sourdough, cereals); purple corn grits and purple corn micro pellets (for popped snacks).

It has also developed a purple corn syrup ideal for bars, beer,  jams, confectionery and baked goods.

Although consumers are still learning about phytonutrients, they are starting to get the message that ‘purple foods’ are good for you, says Suntava, which contracts with growers in Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin to grow non-GMO purple corn unusually high in anthocyanins.

The firm says it has had significant interest from the snack food market, but has also started talking to microbrewers, confectioners, and firms manufacturing everything from sourdough to cereals.

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