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Sophisticated fats: Consumer awareness drives trans fat free bakery

By Kacey Culliney , 06-Aug-2013
Last updated on 06-Aug-2013 at 10:48 GMT2013-08-06T10:48:39Z

Trans fat free claims are featuring more in bakery NPD, finds Datamonitor Consumer
Trans fat free claims are featuring more in bakery NPD, finds Datamonitor Consumer

Increased consumer knowledge on fats has underpinned a raft of bakery new product development (NPD) making ‘no trans fat’ claims, an analyst says.

In 2012, ‘no trans fat’ was the number six health claim used in new bakery product launches, according to research from Datamonitor Consumer. It came behind claims on private label, vegetarian, no artificial color, no preservatives and high fiber.

“It’s interesting because most other claims are around natural attributes,” said Tanvi Savara, associate analyst at Datamonitor Consumer.

But focus on nutrition content and ingredient detailing has become increasingly important, Savara told

“Products with ‘no trans fat’ claims are making up more of the category. Clearly this is a very important trend in bread and bakery – reflected in innovation,” she said.

Consumer understanding is more sophisticated

“Consumer understanding of nutrition has become more sophisticated. It’s not just interest in the amount of fat consumed, but the type of fat,” she said.

“…While fat content is important, it’s no longer sufficient information for the increasingly health conscious consumer. Consumers want more ingredient detail, especially in the West where there is more awareness.”

Globally, when it comes to the broader food and drink industry, 51% of consumers are highly influenced by on pack claims for low or reduced saturated fats, Datamonitor research shows, while just under half (49%) are highly influenced by low or reduced trans fat claims.

Increased knowledge has been fueled by media and governmental health organizations, Savara said.

“Clearly there’s consumer demand for it – it ties into why manufacturers are launching trans fat free products,” she said.

Demand for trans fat and bakery innovation will continue

Savara said that consumer knowledge and understanding of fats will surge over the next few years, and so too will innovation to remove trans fat in the bakery sector.

“There will be an even more sophisticated understanding about ingredients and nutrition as a whole,” she said.

The analyst recommended front-of-pack labeling to communicate the trans fat message. “Front of pack catches consumers’ eyes,” she said.

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