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Herza to promote no sugar 'Paleo' cocoa flakes

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By Jenny Eagle+

Last updated on 26-Jan-2017 at 13:03 GMT2017-01-26T13:03:10Z

Herza launches 100% cocoa flakes. Picture: Herza.
Herza launches 100% cocoa flakes. Picture: Herza.

Herza has launched ‘Paleo cocoa’ shavings made from pure organic cocoa mass in response to an increasing demand for chocolate with a high cocoa content.

The flakes, which have 100% cocoa content can be used to give muesli and ice cream an intensive cocoa flavour, in baked goods, or to create a chocolate-like appearance or marble effect.

Paleo nutrition tren

Carsten Braumann, sales director, Herza, told ConfectioneryNews, its focus is on following the trend of providing chocolate products that support  today´s health conscious consumer with alternatives.

Our pure organic cocoa supports the growing interest in reducing sugar intake and avoiding certain ingredients like emulsifiers. We provide cocoa in its primeval form,” he said.

Our organic chocolate range established in 2007, not only supports the responsible use of natures resources, but provides consumers that are seeking added health attributes exciting options.

We use our organic chocolate as a carrier for Superfoods, combining indulgence and  healthy snacking in one product, providing manufacturers with possible health claims on the pack.

Future priority will be the continuous extension of our organic product range, as we believe in a sustainable cocoa future and permanent change in awareness of consumption.”

Herza will present the ‘Paleo cocoa’ shavings to visitors at BioFach 2017 (February 15-18) targeting manufacturers of muesli, ice cream, bakery products and snacks.

It also supplies organic baking ingredients for private label firms.

Other products on display at the show include smoothies made from fruit and vegetables but with a chocolate Superfruit variant.

Superfruit chocolate smoothies

The drink comes in a white organic chocolate that contains fruit, vegetable and superfruit powder with organic ingredients.

Customers can choose from three varieties: Green smoothie chocolate pieces with wheatgrass, spinach and moringa powder, a red variant with elder, beetroot and raspberries, and yellow organic smoothie pieces containing mango, baobab and pineapple powder.

 Additional products for baking ingredients for private labels include organic chocolate pieces in different shapes and flavors.

New additions to the range are stars made of white, milk or dark organic chocolate,” said Braumann.

These are complemented by drops, flakes and coated organic chocolate pieces that are also available with different percentages of cocoa.

As private label products, Herza’s chocolate pieces enable manufacturers of organic baking ingredients to extend their range, and organic supermarkets have the option of launching a new range under their own label.”

Herza, based in Norderstedt, near Hamburg, supplies functional chocolate for further industrial processing such as small chocolate pieces for muesli. It also develops and produces functional bars.

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