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Allied Bakeries sees superfood potential with chia bread launch


Allied Bakeries sees superfood potential with chia bread launch

Allied Bakeries has launched a chia seed bread in the UK though its Burgen business as it looks to capitalise on the nutritional benefits from the seeds and a consumer trend for healthy breads.

Bergen, which improved its sales 22,57% on last year, will roll out its Sunflower & Chia Seed bread over the next few months.

Allied Bakeries is marketing its new launches on a health platform.

It claims the breads can boost diets with plant-based Omega 3 and alpha linolenic acid (ALA), which it says can help maintain cholesterol levels.

Ellen Bailey, senior brand manager for Burgen, said: “This particular product has been created in response to a growing consumer demand for healthy bread.“

“With consumers wanting that little bit extra from their bread, Burgen Sunflower & Chia Seed is the perfect introduction to the latest superfood, Chia seeds.”

Chia (also known as Salvia hispanica) is a summer annual herbaceous plant belonging to the mint family that develops seeds. The seeds were approved in 2009 as a novel food in the EU for bread products up to 5%.

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