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In food makers we trust?

In among the hollers about obesity and the concerns over nutrition, food companies now need to work hard to ensure they clinch public trust, as a matter of insurance. This...

Lifestyle, diet may halt prostate cancer progression

Men with early stage prostate cancer who make intensive changes to their lifestyle and diet- including consumption of wholegrains- may stop the disease's progress.

Folic acid fortification is working, shows study

The mandatory fortification of flour and grain products with folic acid in the US appears to be bringing in results, according to the largest study of B vitamin levels in...

Rice genome map could spell bigger crops

A group of international scientists has sequenced the complete rice genome, something that could be used to improve the quality and size of crops. The discovery may also be developed...

Popcorn flavorings linked to lung infections

Staff exposed to flavoring agents in microwave popcorn plants are more likely to develop airway inflammation, according to a new US government study.

Energy bars expand consumer interest in sports nutrition

Better-tasting and convenient performance foods are attracting growing numbers of Europeans, many of whom are not sports professionals, reveals a new report.

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Turning food into trash

Water, we save. Energy, we conserve. But food, it seems, we can waste, junk and bin and no-one cares. Except one crusader, whose 20-year project has proven what should have...

Low folate levels could lower baby's birth weight

Women planning to have a baby should increase their folate intake if they want their child to reach optimal weight, finds new research that links the vitamin for the first...

High fat diet could aggravate snack attack

A high-fat diet may lead to over-consumption of tasty snacks, say researchers involved in a rat study. They believe that regular eating habits could affect sensitivity to a hormone that...

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Making GI a quality mark

Whether it is a pork pie from Melton Mowbray or olive oil from Nimes, every Tom, Denis and Haemon seems to believe their local food deserves the EU's protection from...

Food scientist sought as journalist

Novis seeks a bright, driven food scientist for a reporter's post in southern France. The main mission is to deepen coverage of scientific breakthroughs in food techniques and nutritional understanding...

Fat, calories still more interesting than GI ranking on labels

Awareness of the GI diet remains much higher in the AsiaPacific region compared with other countries, finds a recent survey, which confirms that most of the world's consumers are still...

Cocoa flavonols emerging as functional food ingredients

Cocoa compounds can be extracted and marketed as functional food ingredients, or even synthesised for use in pharmaceuticals, said confectionery giant Mars this week, reports Dominique Patton.

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The business of food safety

One cannot envy the chief executive faced with a scientific study that casts doubt over the efficacy or safety of his core product. But avoiding a sales slump, media vilification...

New science reveals risk behind saturated fats

A diet high in cream, cheese and other saturated fat rich foods can influence the uptake of bad cholesterol to the arteries, confirms new research.

ADM innovations tap health and regulation concerns

ADM's promotion of two innovative ingredients at the IFT conference this week illustrates how health awareness and regulatory concerns have shot up the industry's priority list, writes Anthony Fletcher.

Sesame food allergies rise, food labels essential

New study that highlights a rise in sesame allergies reminds food makers of the importance of tough European labelling rules on allergen ingredients enforced later this year,reports Lindsey Partos.

Baking industry tackles lack of technical skills through education

A Europe-wide educational programme aimed at improving the technical and managerial skills of bakery staff is due to be introduced at a time when the European baking industry is facing...

GI studies inconclusive, says Grain Foods Foundation

A campaign designed to combat the glycaemic index momentum is being launched in the US by the Grain Foods Foundation and public relations firm Mullen, reports Lorraine Heller.

Wheat, beef and lamb linked to IBS?

Irritable bowel syndrome consumers are significantly more likely to have elevated food-specific serum IgG4 antibodies to wheat, beef, pork and lamb than healthy volunteers, researchers report.

Oatcake maker expands capacity to meet GI dieters' demand

The success of the GI diet in the UK has triggered soaring demand for oats, pushing the country's leading oatcake maker to add new production capacity, writes Lorraine Heller.

EU ministers split on sugar reform plan

The first wrangling over EU sugar reform proposals by agriculture ministers saw protests and a passionate debate in Brussels yesterday, but the opposition looks increasingly isolated, reports Chris Mercer.

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A strategy for beating China

As Chinese producers move in on western markets, the first response by many established players is to protect and defend their previous market positions. It's a doomed strategy.

Cargill's Life Stage business approach unveiled at IFT

Cargill's pioneering Life Stage approach to developing and marketing ingredients shows how the industry can better tune into consumer demand, writes Anthony Fletcher from New Orleans.

Cereal production falls but EU remains in surplus

While cereal production in the EU will be 10 per cent below last year's record harvests, food processors will not have to look to imports to make up their requirements.

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