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EU orders Greece to lift GM ban

The EU has ordered Greece to lift its ban on genetically modified (GMO) maize seeds, setting the scene for yet another battle over the controversial technology.

Carbohydrate-rich diets may improve insulin control

A new review claims that a diet rich in carbohydrates may help improve insulin control, giving more support to FAO/WHO recommendations for a high-carbohydrate diet with low GI foods.

Glycaemic index 'here to stay'

The glycaemic index has not risen to the same astronomic trend proportions of its low-carb predecessor, but this does not mean there is a lack of interest. Rather, a slow...

Dough mixer upgrade package improves bread quality, cuts costs

Bakers using APV Baker's Tweedy range of mixing machines can now improve the quality of their products and cut costs by attaching a pressure and vacuum mixing package to the...

Atkins advertises new look range

Atkins Nutritionals, the company that created the low-carb diet craze, said today that it has emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection with a slimmer range of products for a broader...

Malaysia expects record cocoa exports from 2005

The Malaysian cocoa board expects 2005 to set a new record for cocoa exports, exceeding RM 2 billion ($530 million), thanks to increased global consumption and access to new markets.

National Starch deal expands global reach

National Starch Food Innovation's appointment of Fiske as its new distributor of nature-based ingredients to the Swedish, Danish, Spanish and Portuguese markets extends a long-running relationship.

Palsgaard whips up emulsifier innovation

Palsgaard has developed a new cost-effective whipping emulsifier system that it claims can add freshness to a range of baked products.

Process shortens multigrain cereal production

A new technique for producing multigrain flakes allows cereal makers to shorten processing times.

Vitamin D fortified bread to solve deficiency?

A growing body of research is driving strong growth in foods fortified with vitamin D, and bread, being a mainstay in diets worldwide, could provide the ideal food for fortification.

Barley products to carry heart health claim

US Manufacturers of products containing barley are allowed to claim that they may help reduce the risk of heart disease, according to the Food and Drug Administration, which has approved...

Manufacturers must work to fight private label threat, warns report

The global private label goods trend will continue to enjoy record expansion and eat into famous brand profits if manufacturers fail to adopt winning strategies to combat competition, say analysts.

Trans fat label law could lead to new opportunities

Food manufacturers in the US may well be set to benefit from the new trans fat labeling law, in effect as of yesterday, despite the panic this has caused over...

Kraft to scrap GM ingredients in China

Kraft Foods, the US snack and dairy firm, has agreed to remove all genetically modified ingredients from its products in China, in a sign anti-GM attitudes are on the increase.

Australian food safety tester buys into European market

SAI Global has acquired EFSIS Ltd., one of the food safety inspection and certification firms companies will be turning to when checking whether they are in compliance with the EU's...

Christmas feature

The sum of chocolate

Chocoholics rejoice: 2005 was the year it became clear chocolate really is good for you. But before Christmas ushers in a race to cram the candy, reflect a moment on...

Christmeas feature

Anyone for a reindeer roast?

All those who still believe in Santa, stop reading here. For his sledge-pulling reindeer, Dancer, Prancer, and Rudolph, have long been consumed in a tasty stew.

Christmas feature

The chemistry of delicious

If only they taught chemistry in schools as it happens at Christmas tables across Europe. For here lies the secret of delicious. Come next weekend, the centrepiece from north to...

Christmas feature

Wassail away your Christmas

Forget the family 'bored' games this Christmas. It's time to get down to the local orchard with a slice of toast, a loaded gun and a big bowl of steaming...

ConAgra strengthens health profile as it slices trans fats

ConAgra is to remove all trans fats from its whole grain microwave popcorn snack lines starting February 2006, marking the next step in the company's attempt to link itself with...

Celebrity endorsements next marketing spin for fiber?

With half of America's consumers unclear on the health benefits of dietary fiber, a new survey reveals that celebrity endorsements may be the way forward for food manufacturers to promote...

Palm oil 'reasonable' replacement for trans fats, say experts

Palm oil is a "reasonable alternative" to trans fatty acids, according to an independent group of nutrition, medical and manufacturing experts who examined the oil's functionality in food products and...

Quality hallmarks tap premium produce trend

In the expanding European premium foods market many suppliers are striving for EU-approved hallmarks to boost the prestige of their products and attract retailers.

Continue making whole grain claims, says industry body

In the absence of definitive action from the FDA, food manufacturers should take the initiative to promote whole grains to the American public, clearly indicating if products are an excellent...

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The shimmer of patent valuation

Complex webs of assumptions are spinning a lie about the real value of today's companies, lulling directors and shareholders alike into a false sense of value creation.

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