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Oatcake maker expands capacity to meet GI dieters' demand

The success of the GI diet in the UK has triggered soaring demand for oats, pushing the country's leading oatcake maker to add new production capacity, writes Lorraine Heller.

EU ministers split on sugar reform plan

The first wrangling over EU sugar reform proposals by agriculture ministers saw protests and a passionate debate in Brussels yesterday, but the opposition looks increasingly isolated, reports Chris Mercer.

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A strategy for beating China

As Chinese producers move in on western markets, the first response by many established players is to protect and defend their previous market positions. It's a doomed strategy.

Cargill's Life Stage business approach unveiled at IFT

Cargill's pioneering Life Stage approach to developing and marketing ingredients shows how the industry can better tune into consumer demand, writes Anthony Fletcher from New Orleans.

Cereal production falls but EU remains in surplus

While cereal production in the EU will be 10 per cent below last year's record harvests, food processors will not have to look to imports to make up their requirements.

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Let food be thy medicine

A society that views food as taste-bud entertainment rather than a basic of well-being was always bound to run into health problems. But with obesity now afflicting 300m people, and...

New lab taps potential of healthy ingredients

A new laboratory designed to improve the quality of barley and oats could have major implications for makers of breakfast cereals, beverages and bakery goods.

UK wheat-sown areas are down this year, says HGCA

The area sown to wheat and barley over the last season in the UK has decreased, said the HGCA last week, yet there is no apparent cause for concern as...

Scientists to design health-packed 'super-sorghum' cereal

While food scientists are keen to promote the gluten-free benefits of sorghum in food formulations, African scientists are set to design a genetically engineered 'super sorghum' packed with vitamins and...

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Food intolerance: a scientific void

It is time to draw on science to establish once and for all whether food intolerance is just a source of succour for hypochondriacs, or whether it is genuinely a...

Pesticide residue levels detected in bread

Wholemeal bread contains more pesticide residues than any other bread type, according to research published yesterday by the UK's Pesticides Residues Committee (PRC), yet the levels are not considered dangerous...

New flavour tool from Symrise opens up opportunities in product development

Number four flavour house Symrise builds a tool that brings new opportunities in product development for food technologists through a stronger understanding of the complex nature of foodstuffs, writes Lindsey...

FAO forecasts cereal output to fall 2.8 per cent

Tighter supplies will lead to rises in prices for maize and coffee, while the cost for rice, wheat, milk, oilcrops and milk will remain stable or fall, according to the...

Food allergy scientists to improve food formulations

Food makers using potential food allergens in their formulations will benefit from the findings of a new food consortium, reports Lindsey Partos.

Saturated and trans fats, a risk factor for diabetes?

Diets high in saturated and trans fats could be a major risk factor in the development of type 2 diabetes, say Canadian researchers, reports Lindsey Partos.

Tesco fine acts as warning to bakers

Lax health and safety measures left UK supermarket giant Tesco with a legal bill of £50,000 (€75,000) on Monday, after a member of staff lost the top of a finger...

Organic foods get clearer standards in UK

Standards for organic foods get an overhaul as the UK's industry body responds to calls for clarification.

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Claims, claims, claims

As lawyers circle the food and drink industry like a fatted calf, the first lesson for those preparing for defence is that it is not so much what you sell...

Research shows metabolic benefits of low-carb diet

The high-protein, low-carb approach to weight loss has been underpinned by new research from Australia showing that it can provide overweight women with greater nutritional and metabolic benefits than a...

EU ministers reject Brussels move on GM foods

Ongoing divisions over GM ingredients once again evident in Europe as EU ministers throw out an attempt by the Commission to overturn bans on growing legal GM crops currently in...

WHO backs GM foods but warns that risk assessments needed

Adding fuel to the already heated debate on GM foods and ingredients, the UN's World Health Organisation claims genetically modified foods can contribute to enhancing human health and development.

Low-GI product launches climbing in UK

Australia is currently the most dynamic market for low-GI product launches but the UK appears to be catching up, writes Dominique Patton.

General Mills attacked for misleading health ads

A controversial national ad campaign from General Mills looks likely to run into trouble with the health lobby, writes Anthony Fletcher.

Authorities publish fresh food product data on acrylamide

Food makers to gain from new data on presence of the potential carcinogen acrylamide in a wide range of food products as US authorities release fresh data.

Europe's food agency confirms excess salt risk

Joining the lively salt debate scientists at Europe's food watchdog today issues an opinion concerning the upper limit for sodium intake and confirm current consumption levels are a risk factor...

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