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Childhood obesity figures provide new impulse for obesity strategy

Around half a million European children are suffering from health problems often associated with later life because they are overweight or obese, a European congress on obesity heard yesterday.

Consumers turn away from crisps and snacks

The decline in the UK crisp and snack market could well last for several years, predicts a new report, but there is some room for growth in premium products, writes...

Eating breakfast builds healthy bones, say studies

The American Dietetic Association is seeking to stir up debate over the nation's breakfast tables. Girls who skip breakfast are more likely to miss out on dietary sources of calcium...

Wholegrains better than other heart health foods despite high GI

People who eat wholegrain foods regularly can have a 20 to 40 per cent lower risk of heart disease and stroke compared with those who rarely eat wholegrain foods, according...

New starch could cut costs

A new potato starch launched on Friday by the Dutch starch company Avebe could help lower costs and improve baking stability in bakery creams and fruit filling products, writes Lorraine...

Dieters go for low GI, nutritionists still wary

The glycaemic index (GI) is emerging as a new weight loss regime, despite the belief of some nutritionists that there is not enough science to demonstrate it can effectively control...

Whey protein for longer shelf life and softer bars

A whey protein additive that keeps nutritional bars soft could help food makers break into what is a lucrative and highly innovative market, writes Anthony Fletcher.

Missed breakfasts and hectic lives drive snacks

A new report from market analyst Datamonitor reveals that UK consumers are continuing to abandon traditional sit down family meals in favour of snacks.

Ireland to follow neighbours' initiatives against obesity

Ireland is the latest European state to call for new guidelines on food labelling and a ban on vending machines in schools in order to slow down the growing rise...

Monday comment

Time for a fair trade

The UK government must introduce a compulsory new supermarket code ofconduct if it is to make up for past mistakes and save the food industryfrom a spiral into anti-competitive practices.

New opportunities for gluten-free market

Consumer demand for gluten-free products continues to surge, presenting a significant opportunity for bakers targeting this niche market, writes Lorraine Heller.

Millers and bakers resolve differences to beat challenges

UK millers and bakers, often at loggerheads in the past, are increasingly working together, presenting a stronger front to challenges facing their industry, reports Lorraine Heller.

Trans fats raise gallstone risk?

Trans fatty acids could 'modestly' increase the risk of gallstone disease, say US researchers, providing yet more evidence to encourage food makers to remove these fats from food formulations.

Food labels and healthy signposts, food industry waits for consensus

UK food agency launches 'the largest research project to date', to establish the clearest route for food makers to use food labels to flag-up healthy foods.

Functional bread gains footing in France

French baker Paul has launched bread containing omega-3 fatty acids as functional products gather pace in France's boulangeries, despite some industry and public scepticism after years of poor product development,...

Regulatory experts seek optimism in latest stage of health claims law

Functional food makers need to take a critical look at the level of substantiation behind the health claims they are using to guarantee their survival under a new European regulation,...

Healthy sandwiches head UK snack sector

The drift towards grazing and away from sit-down meals is not yet ended in the UK, with health-oriented sandwiches continuing to drive forwards a market that already accounts for one...

Rice bran oil to cut cholesterol

A form of vitamin E found naturally in rice bran oil lowers cholesterol in rats, according to a new study.

Fat in diet boosts metabolism

Fat consumption in the diet can lead to healthy blood levels of sugar and cholesterol, say researchers.

Food labs push out Para Red tests

Reacting rapidly to the discovery of the banned colour Para Red in processed foods, UK food laboratory RSSL has a new method to help food makers detect this potential carcinogen,...

Food agency pulls more Para Red products

The trickle of food products contaminated with the illegal colour Para Red continues in the UK, with the country's food agency identifying nineteen more food products for recall yesterday, writes...

Changing carbs for protein helps reduce stomach fat

Substituting a modest amount of protein for carbohydrate may reduce abdominal obesity, say researchers reporting on data gathered from a diverse multi-ethnic population.

Food firms falling behind in ability to innovate?

The food industry is falling behind in its ability to innovate, claims an article in this week's The Economist.

'Organic', 'low/no sugar' labels are key to success

Organic and low/no sugar are the tags food manufacturers should be looking at adding to their packaging if they want their products to enjoy strong and sustained growth, said AC...

Bioplastics event signals dawning of new packaging era

Bioplastics trade association IBAW claims that the inaugural special exhibition Bioplastics in Packaging was a major success at Interpack 2005.

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