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Fat in diet boosts metabolism

Fat consumption in the diet can lead to healthy blood levels of sugar and cholesterol, say researchers.

Food labs push out Para Red tests

Reacting rapidly to the discovery of the banned colour Para Red in processed foods, UK food laboratory RSSL has a new method to help food makers detect this potential carcinogen,...

Food agency pulls more Para Red products

The trickle of food products contaminated with the illegal colour Para Red continues in the UK, with the country's food agency identifying nineteen more food products for recall yesterday, writes...

Changing carbs for protein helps reduce stomach fat

Substituting a modest amount of protein for carbohydrate may reduce abdominal obesity, say researchers reporting on data gathered from a diverse multi-ethnic population.

Food firms falling behind in ability to innovate?

The food industry is falling behind in its ability to innovate, claims an article in this week's The Economist.

'Organic', 'low/no sugar' labels are key to success

Organic and low/no sugar are the tags food manufacturers should be looking at adding to their packaging if they want their products to enjoy strong and sustained growth, said AC...

Bioplastics event signals dawning of new packaging era

Bioplastics trade association IBAW claims that the inaugural special exhibition Bioplastics in Packaging was a major success at Interpack 2005.

New snack flavours capture Russian consumers

Young Russian snacks maker Sibirsky Bereg appears to have captured consumers' imagination with an array of experimental flavours and products, overtaking PepsiCo's Lay's brand in market share and growing by...

Tough sugar reform inevitable as EU loses appeal at WTO

Moves to reform the European sugar regime will accelerate after the EU loses its appeal against a World Trade Organisation decision that its handouts to sugar farmers are illegal, reports...

Tate & Lyle questioned over Alabama factory plans

Tate & Lyle was yesterday taken to task by environmental groups and local residents over its plans to extend its Splenda factory in McIntosh, Alabama, reports Philippa Nuttall.

Tesco ditches FSA backed traffic light labelling

Leading British supermarket Tesco has decided to ditch the UK government-backed traffic light food labelling scheme, opting instead for its own numbers based system.

Industry explains GDAs on food labels

Efforts by food manufacturers to create 'user-friendly' food labels that present clear nutrition profiles for the increasingly health conscious consumer are the focus of a new initiative from the UK's... scoops industry award's sister site has won website of the year in the 2005 Business Food and Drink Journalism awards.

EU cracks down on illegal GM grain

Forcing the traceability card, the European Union has voted to block imports of certain US grain unless they prove to be free of the genetically modified maize Bt10.

Scientists raise spectre of cancer-causing packaging

Compounds found in plastic food packaging could be possible cancer-causing agents, according to a worrying new study from the US.

UK advertising watchdog rejects complaint from salt makers

Sensitivities over salt heightened as UK advertising watchdog rejects complaint by salt makers over advert from the country's food agency.

Nestlé cutting trans fats in global products

Responding to consumer and legislative pressures, international food firms are slicing artery-clogging trans fatty acids from their formulations. We spoke with Nestlé to find out how the world's number one...

Food industry fears coming of traffic light labelling

Could concern over obesity lead to significant changes in the regulations governing food labelling and see the implementation of a traffic light system, asks Anthony Fletcher.

Kellogg cuts cereal salt under FSA pressure

Kellogg has moved to slash salt in its Corn Flakes by a quarter as the UK's Food Standards Agency promises to focus in on cereals in its public campaign to...

Lupin flour and allergic reactions, case building continues

High protein source lupin flour continues to attract attention following new reports that this food ingredient used in pasta and bread products could provoke severe allergic reactions, reports Lindsey Partos.

Australia joins calls for trans fat labels

Trans fat concerns hit Australia with consumer groups calling for trans fat to be highlighted on food labels after more than a third of 50 food products tested had levels...

New locations, new needs to drive snack market

Snacking out-of-home and day-time snacking occasions represent key growth opportunities for food and beverage makers, claims a new report from Datamonitor.

On-the-go indulgence marks new product designs for breakfast market

Convenience and indulgence in the breakfast market set to bring gains to ingredients suppliers and their customers: our round up of new product designs shows how industry is reacting to...

Prices for cereal-sourced ingredients to rise on eroding stocks and use

Prices for cereals still vulnerable to upside risk in 2005/06 as world crop predictions suggest supplies could fail to meet demand, resulting in a drawdown of already vulnerable global stocks,...

France: risk analysis on trans fats recommends labels and upper limits for foods

French food watchdog recommends slashing trans fat levels in a wide range of bakery products, including biscuits and cakes, following findings from a new report released this week, reports Lindsey...

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