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Mixed fortunes for Russian flour sector

A recent survey of Russia's flour producers shows a sector going through mixed fortunes, with many companies struggling to compete while others are performing well, writes Angela Drujinina.

Many bakeries still not adhering to asthma regulations

Too many UK bakeries either don't know or don't care about limits on workers' exposure to potentially asthma-causing dust from flour and bread mixes, according to one union official, as...

Scientists unlock harmful mechanism of trans fats

Scientists have identified a molecular mechanism in the liver that explains how consuming foods rich in saturated fats and trans-fatty acids can send blood levels of cholesterol and triglycerides soaring.

Flavour savings for cracker makers

UK firm TasteTech claims its encapsulation technology could facilitate flavour combinations in savoury biscuits and fast bake crackers.

Cholesterol-lowering snacks possible

Researchers at Brandeis University claim that they have found a way for food manufacturers to make snack foods that lower cholesterol levels.

In-store bakeries pose worker asthma risk

Around one in ten supermarket bakery workers risk developing asthma by breathing in dust from flour and bread mixes, according to a new study which calls for greater awareness among...

Steroids to bulk food crops?

Fundamental research could bring added bulk to crop harvests used extensively by the food industry.

EC vows to streamline packaging regulations

The European Commission has launched a bid to streamline labelling laws in order to simplify life for both consumers and manufacturers.

Low carb trend could cause birth defects

The popularity of low carb diets makes the message of National Folic Acid Awareness Week more significant than ever, as women of childbearing age may be risking the health of...

Lack of experts harms bakery training

A shortage of food technology experts and increasing job rotation means that more workers across Britain's bakery industry are not getting the training they need and do not fully understand...

Fat type more important than quantity in cutting CV deaths

The type of dietary fats consumed by middle-aged men may be more important than reducing total fat intake to lower the risk of dying from heart disease, suggests a study...

Low carb diets bounce back in 2005

The low-carb diet industry is defying media reports from the end of last year which claimed the fad was on its way out, according to the latest survey from Opinion...

NAMA to color-code snacks on health merits

The US National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) is introducing a colour-coding system to help children select healthy snacks from vending machines.

NPD focus for convenience snacks

Britons spends four times as much on snacks as their Spanish counterparts, eating their way through €17.3 billion a year, finds a new report highlighting the ongoing opportunities for players...

Acrylamide levels low in UK diet

Part of a global effort to clarify consumer exposure to harmful chemical identified in starch-rich fried foods two years ago, findings from a new survey by the UK food watchdog...

Parents, not kids, barrier to childhood healthy eating?

Many children know what constitutes a healthy diet but often their parents are uninterested in their eating habits, finds new consumer research.

Kraft extends nutrition labelling to US audience

Kraft Foods, the world's biggest food company, has announced its US operation is to provide consumers with more nutritional information about its products - a precedent already set by its...

Snack habit set to spur UK growth despite obesity threat

British snack makers will face the most testing period in their recent history over the next few years as the war on obesity gathers momentum, threatening to stall growth and...

GM foods 'as safe as plant-derived,' finds EU group

Brussels addresses the issue of consumer cynicism and fear of agricultural biotechnology in European citizens, setting up a thematic network on the safety risk assessment of genetically modified food crops,...

Irish food sector raises focus on healthy eating

Irish food and drink companies are pooling funds under a new project designed to increase healthy eating in their home market, reports Dominique Patton.

Proteomic research to improve flour quality

An improvement in the quality of flour ingredients is the focus of new research by US government scientists who are taking a closer look at hundreds of different proteins in...

Low-carb led 2004 food launches

Whatever misgivings some companies may have about the longevity of the low-carb trend, 2004 was a record year for no- and low-carb product launches.

Oils and fats industry to gather in Spain

The international oils and fats industry will gather in Spain later this year to tackle issues affecting the market.

Bakery sector hoping dietary guidelines will boost wholegrain sales

Leading US bakery Sara Lee is banking on renewed interest in wholegrains as it introduces a new range of breads to carbohydrate-conscious consumers.

EU ministers reject GM food crop

European environment ministers failed to back a proposal to bring a GM food crop designed by US biotech giant Monsanto onto the EU market.

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