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Obesity moves higher on French political agenda

Fears that French people could reach the obesity levels currently preoccupying US health officials has prompted the country's opposition party to call for new laws to tackle increasing weight gain.

EU states call for acrylamide research update

Member states have called for more information and full presentation of findings on acrylamide, a harmful chemical identified in baked and fried foods, reports Lindsey Partos.

Brussels calls for risk analysis on GM ingredients

GM ingredients highlighted again on the Brussels agenda with the Commission calling for a risk assessment of the impact genetically modified foodstuffs might have on human health.

EU struggles to control grain surplus

A bumper harvest across Eastern Europe has forced the European Commission to intervene, buying up and moving large amounts of surplus stocks to prevent Europe-wide market disturbance, reports Chris Mercer.

Atkins gives low-carb a low-g makeover

Atkins Nutritionals is hoping to offset the consumer drift away from the low carb lifestyle by incorporating a glycemic measurement into its programme which indicates the immediate effect different types...

Honey carbohydrates have prebiotic properties

Complex sugars found naturally in a New Zealand variety of honey appear to have prebiotic effects, offering food makers a natural gut health ingredient.

Organic, fair trade cocoa and sugar supplier born

Leading merchant of cocoa, sugar and coffee ED&F Man has launched Corigins, a US-based supplier offering traceable, quality sugar and cocoa ingredients, Philippa Nuttall reports.

European Commission backs GM ingredients framework, despite discord

GM ingredients are here to stay as Brussels confirms 'full confidence' in the regulatory framework that controls the entry of biotech foodstuffs into the European food chain, reports Lindsey Partos.

UK food watchdog launches labelling consultation

Food industry pressure over nutrition labelling has begun to pay off as the UK Food Standards Agency launches a consultation for the final stage in its simple signposting project using...

ADM ramps up alternative trans fat line

Reflecting the booming market for trans fatty acid alternatives, speciality oil supplier ADM ramps up production of its zero/low trans-fat oils and margarines, for the second time in a year,...

Whole grain stamp goes public

The Whole Grains Council yesterday launched its food stamp to the general public at the Natural Foods Expo West show taking place in Anaheim. Cynthia Harriman, head of the council,...

Salt and labelling top consumer food concerns in UK

The publicity craze surrounding nutritional content and labelling has helped these two issues replace BSE as the biggest food concerns among an increasingly sceptical British public - warning the food...

Government pledges tougher fines for food safety lapses

The UK government has announced a regulation overhaul across many industries, including the food sector, promising less inspections and more incentives for firms with a good record on quality standards,...

Acrylamide does not raise breast cancer risk, new findings

Acrylamide, a harmful chemical identified in baked and fried foods, does not increase the risk of breast cancer in women, say US and Swedish researchers, writes Lindsey Partos.

EU food and drink industry commits to obesity challenge

New voluntary labelling initiatives, a tighter advertising code and increased investment in innovation could be on the way for food manufacturers as the European Commission, along with a dozen stakeholders,...

Egypt opens door to UK wheat

New opportunities have emerged for British wheat growers after an industry association used a new classification system to successfully negotiate the export of UK wheat to Egypt, the world's second...

Lobbyists face EU sugar reform struggle

EU Agriculture Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel has dealt a blow to sugar reform lobbyists across Europe and developing countries by voicing her opposition to special arrangements for different states when...

Innovation and focus lift Kellogg above General Mills

Cereal and snack producer Kellogg will have the edge over arch-rival General Mills over the next few years as superior innovations in the premium health sector and a more focused...

Flour fortification introduced in Uzbekistan

Demand for vitamins and minerals in developing countries is being boosted by UN-backed funding for flour fortification that seeks to eliminate common nutrient deficiencies.

Nutrition is key to Britain's health

Healthy eating is key if Britain is to get into shape, HealthSecretary John Reid told attendees today at the launch of his plan to improve the health of the nation.

New rules to govern nutrition label errors

New regulations will tighten error margins on food nutrition labels as a new study claiming many UK foods, including biscuits and pizzas, are significantly higher in fat and sugar than...

Crisps and coffee highest acrylamide levels, warns UN

A global risk analysis of nearly 7000 food items finds French fries, potato crisps and coffee recording the highest contamination levels of the carcinogen acrylamide, warns UN committee, but confirm...

Sweeteners showing double-digit growth on rising consumer appeal

Strong growth and opportunities for sweetener use in food formulations is assured with fresh figures from the UK finding health concerns are driving nearly one in four consumers to use...

Lack of healthy snacks major barrier to healthy eating in UK

British consumers are increasingly seeking convenient food and drinks that are also healthy but food makers are failing to answer their needs, claims a new report.

Confused Europeans snub nutritional label information

The majority of European consumers appreciate the benefits of eating healthily but remain confused over the terminology used in nutritional labelling, according to a recent report by the European Food...

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