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A hungry world needs a fit FAO

The crusade to end world hunger has been a bitter failure. But with the world set to sweep away a crooked food trading system, there is a chance to get...

Australian scientists design next Atkin's diet

Another day another diet. But while the latest weight-loss bible to be published in the UK has, unusually, been created by a well-respected research institute, it is already attracting controversy.

Trend bakery products to feature at Anuga

The bakery sector is to be strongly represented at Anuga, one of the premier events for the food and drink industries, which is to kick off tomorrow in Cologne, Germany.

Danisco seeks clearance for bakery enzyme in Australia

Changes to Australia's food code continue, with the nation's food agency calling on companies and organisations to comment on a host of new proposals, including applications from DSM Nutritional and...

Fiber products must emphasize benefits, says report

Fiber sells if intake is linked to benefits such as energy management, weight management and digestive health in popular foods such as bread, cereal and pasta, claims a new report.

Nestlé scientists apply modern physics to new food designs

Knowledge gained from modern physics will help food scientists construct the rational design of complex food materials for new food products, say Nestle scientists.

EU attacked for raising sugar exports

Sugar reform may yet hijack December's WTO talks as Australia, Brazil and Thailand again accuse the EU of shirking its obligations by planning to increase sugar exports by two million...

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Junk Food Babes

If education is meant to deliver knowledge and wise choices, why are we doing so little to educate our children about food?

New Poland will still fight EU sugar reform

A new centre-right government in Poland is unlikely to curb the country's strong opposition to EU sugar reforms as Commission representatives look for common ground to break the 'no' camp.

Kellogg launches cereal and exercise health initiative

Leading cereal maker Kellogg is to introduce a programme in the US designed to help families get fit and keep healthy. The programme involves a daily bowl of cereal combined...

Food industry and consumer group at odds over junk food ban

The ban on junk food in UK schools announced yesterday by the government is not an effective solution to tackling childhood obesity, the nation's food industry has said.

UK to announce school junk food ban

The UK government will announce plans to ban junk food in the nation's schools, bringing an end to the sale of crisps, chocolate and fizzy drinks in school vending machines.

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McDonald's: facing fat

There is nothing so redolent of a corporate mid-life crisis as the strategic equivalent of a new car, new girl and new image, set firmly on the shoulders of the...

UK food industry cuts salt, fat, sugar content

The UK food and drink industry is winning the battle to make food more nutritional, claims the Food and Drink Federation.

EU debates sugar ingredients

EU farm ministers met with African and Caribbean counterparts on Monday to discuss the sweeping EU sugar reform that will bring cheaper sugar ingredients into the bloc.

Kraft targets kids' advertising as part of health and wellness campaign

On the back of growing consumer interest in healthy eating, leading US food maker Kraft Foods is focusing on its increasingly successful health and wellness segment, announcing plans to further...

Recall after metal and plastic risk in Sara Lee bread

A second major case of bread contamination in the past week is set to put bakeries on the alert for contamination risks, as leading US bakery Sara Lee announces the...

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Food law: friend or foe?

The food industry is in danger of harming itself with its recent lobbying against the further harmonisation and deepening of EU food regulation.

More fiber may help women stay slim, say researchers

Dieters are bombarded with messages about low-carb, high-protein and low-fat approaches to weight loss, but new research from Tufts University suggests that they should also consider placing greater emphasis on...

Food and drink moves toward more automation and control systems

A combination of technological innovation, legislation as well as sprawling production facilities and complex supply chains are driving the European food and drink industry toward investments inautomation and control solutions,...

BakeryAndSnacks' publisher to be branded as Decision News Media

Novis, the publisher of BakeryAndSnacks, 22 other business news websites and more than 50 specialist e-newsletters, is changing its name to Decision News Media, to convey the editorial ethos that...

Cereal eating teen girls weigh less

Supporting evidence for the health benefits of regular cereal consumption, girls who eat breakfast cereal daily weigh less than their friends who opt for a different morning sustenance, reveals a...

Glass and needles in bread raise questions of risk

Food makers on the alert for contamination risks after leading UK industrial bakery reports fragments of glass and needles in sliced bread products.

European food agency stresses red colour risk

European food scientists warn that a host of illegal dyes pinpointed in foods on the supermarket shelves may pose a genotoxic and carcinogenic risk, a conclusion reached despite insufficient data...

Grain exports on Mississippi river start to recover

A joint effort between government and industry is ensuring that normal levels of grain export movement along the lower Mississippi river are resumed as quickly as possible.

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