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ADM ramps up oil production

Raised demand for rapeseed oil leads agri-giant ADM to expand crushing facilities in Europe.

PepsiCo joins companies reducing ads to kids

PepsiCo has become the latest company to bow to pressure on the food industry from the rising tide of obesity, introducing voluntary restrictions on its advertising to children, according to...

Breakfast shown to be heart healthy

Missing breakfast has been shown to raise cholesterol levels and reduce the body's response to insulin in a small study that raises concern for the increasing numbers of people that...

ABF yeast pace continues into 2005

Asian and South American yeast markets perform strongly, offsetting weaker markets in the US, London-based Associated British Foods reports today.

Israel to impose trans fat labels?

Opportunities continue to open up for trans fat alternatives as Israel communicates plans to become the world's third country to impose labelling rules on artery-clogging trans fats.

Fischer Boel outlines EU CAP reform priorities

Mariann Fischer Boel, the EU's recently appointed agriculture commissioner, has claimed that sweeping EU agricultural reforms will provide UK farmers with a "better balance of support", while forging a more...

Exhibition highlights growth in biodegradable packaging

An upcoming exhibition on bioplastics and biopackaging aims to show that environmentally friendly packaging has a strong future.

Wheat experts push biotech need

Biotechnology is the key to the future of a competitive wheat industry, said experts at a conference this weekend, according to a report by Reuters.

Industry warns of crop expert shortage

A lack of government funding and a weary image threaten to cause a widespread shortage of British crop production experts, says one industry body, warning the problem may bring serious...

Tate & Lyle builds up ingredients portfolio with new investment

Race for the next high margin ingredient continues as the UK maker of Splenda sweetener signs off €36 million over the next five years to invest in "next-generation food and...

Canada gears up for labeling changes: GM and nutrition

When nutritional labeling comes into force in Canada later this year, manufacturers may also take advantage of the need to change their labels to stipulate whether their products' ingredients are...

Low-carb threat breeds US pasta alliance

Two US pasta companies have joined forces to try and deal with the crumbling pasta consumption, mainly blamed on low-carb lifestyles, that threatens to streamline the whole industry, reports Chris...

GM dispute panel meets in Geneva

With the countdown extended, talks continue this week in Geneva between the US and Brussels to move the entrenched trade dispute on genetically modified organisms forward.

Openings in product development for convenient breakfast foods

There are rich pickings for food makers focusing on innovative products for the breakfast market, as a UK think tank finds less than one in five consumers actually enjoys the...

Organic ingredient price decrease means more conversions

House of Bread Franchising has finally decided to start producing organic bread after a decrease in ingredient prices makes production a viable business option, reports Philippa Nuttall.

'Natural' sweetener to take on synthetic market

Swiss Research believes it has created the "holy grail" of sweeteners, a natural alternative to the synthetic varieties frequently lambasted by the media, it officially announced on Tuesday, Philippa Nuttall...

Childhood obesity figures inflated, say UK researchers

Claims of a childhood obesity epidemic in the UK are not supported by the evidence, say researchers today.

Nestlé installs cost-cutting pallet labelling system

Sato has developed an automated pallet labelling concept for Nestlé using UHF RFID tags that should help the company make significant supply chain savings.

Industry nutrition labels clash with government plans

The British arm of Nestlé has become the latest food producer to revamp its nutrition labels, yet the country's food industry is on rocky ground by entrenching its support for...

Mixed fortunes for Russian flour sector

A recent survey of Russia's flour producers shows a sector going through mixed fortunes, with many companies struggling to compete while others are performing well, writes Angela Drujinina.

Many bakeries still not adhering to asthma regulations

Too many UK bakeries either don't know or don't care about limits on workers' exposure to potentially asthma-causing dust from flour and bread mixes, according to one union official, as...

Scientists unlock harmful mechanism of trans fats

Scientists have identified a molecular mechanism in the liver that explains how consuming foods rich in saturated fats and trans-fatty acids can send blood levels of cholesterol and triglycerides soaring.

Flavour savings for cracker makers

UK firm TasteTech claims its encapsulation technology could facilitate flavour combinations in savoury biscuits and fast bake crackers.

Cholesterol-lowering snacks possible

Researchers at Brandeis University claim that they have found a way for food manufacturers to make snack foods that lower cholesterol levels.

In-store bakeries pose worker asthma risk

Around one in ten supermarket bakery workers risk developing asthma by breathing in dust from flour and bread mixes, according to a new study which calls for greater awareness among...

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