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Cereal Partners ordered to pull ads comparing Cheerios to croissants and Nesquik to jam on toast

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled that Cereal Partners UK must remove two adverts that compared the nutritional value of Cheerios to croissants and Nesquik to jam on toast.

Cereal giants to ‘review’ UK nutrition labeling scheme, expert says they will never sign

Cereal majors Kellogg and Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW) are reviewing the UK Department of Health’s (DoH) front-of-pack voluntary labeling scheme, but one nutrition policy expert says they will never sign....

Nestlé targets coconut water frenzy with new frozen snack

Nestlé says its newly launched coconut water-based frozen snacks will hold great appeal among US consumers.

Oxfam thanks food industry for ‘bland’ and ‘complacent’ response to damning CSR report

Oxfam will step up its campaign to improve the treatment of people and resources that form part of the supply chain of the world’s biggest food conglomerates, after it cast...

ABF calls Oxfam food ethics attack ‘ridiculous’

Associated British Foods – worst-in-class in an Oxfam report critical of 10 food giants for essentially operating under a corporate social responsibility (CSR) “veil of secrecy” – has hit back, slamming the...

Nestlé reports slower growth, expects challenging year ahead

Nestlé’s share price fell 2.3% on Thursday as the company announced its slowest growth in three years, with developing markets hit by natural disasters and continued market weakness in Europe...

Malaysia becomes Nestlé cereal exporter with new site

Malaysia will house production of Nestlé breakfast cereals for the first time and export brands to neighbouring Asian countries.

Emerging markets continue to drive Nestlé sales

Food and nutrition giant Nestlé has reported improved sales in its 9-month results driven by growth in emerging markets, but Q3 was a little slower than last year.

Nestlé breakfast cereal reformulation needs tact, warns specialist

Cereal Partners Worldwide’s reformulation plan for 20 of its Nestlé breakfast cereal brands must happen gradually and unobtrusively to succeed, warns a nutrition policy specialist.

Nestlé hits back at cereal ad critics

Nestlé UK has responded to critics of its cereal advertising that are claiming it contravenes Advertising Standards Authority rules, claiming the ASA has given the campaign the thumbs up.

Brazil orders Nestlé to label GM products

A court in Brazil has ordered Nestlé to impose mandatory labelling for all its products in the country highlighting more than 1% genetically modified (GM) ingredients.

Nestlé opens cereal plant in South Africa

Food giant Nestlé has opened two new plants in South Africa, one of which will produce Milo and Cheerios breakfast cereals.

Food images alter taste perceptions, confirm Nestle researchers

Looking at images of calorie-rich foods could affect how the brain processes tastes, leading to greater appreciation for even neutral tasting foods, suggest researchers from Nestle.

Nestle fined £180,000 for failures leading to worker's death

Food giant Nestle has been fined £180,000 in a UK criminal court after it failed to implement basic safety measures that led to a worker’s death.

Nestle suspends trade on all products in Azerbaijan amid reports of corruption

Food giant Nestle has confirmed to that it has suspended trade on its entire product range in Azerbaijan due to ‘supply problems’.


Nestle lined up for Sustainable Packaging conference

William Reed Business Media invites you to participate in a virtual event focussed on cutting packaging waste, reducing environmental impact and driving costs down for manufacturers

Sun sets in East: Emerging markets deliver for Nestle in 2011

Food giant Nestle has recorded modest growth in 2011 driven by strong performance in China and other emerging markets leading its CEO to say wealth potential is moving from West...

Nestlé study shows 'on-the-go' eating habits on the rise in Germany

‘On-the-go’ food and drink consumption has increased significantly in recent years in Germany, finds new research from Nestlé.

Nestlé defends Nesquik website as CFC demands ASA action on ‘cynical’ child marketing

Nestlé has leapt to the defence of its Nesquik milk-based drinks brand, after the Children’s Food Campaign (CFC) lodged a ‘super complaint’ with the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), complaining...

Nestle ups stake in Israeli firm Osem with €75m investment

Food giant Nestle has increased its stake in Israel-based food manufacturer OSEM by around 5% in a deal worth €75m (ILS 371.7m).

Nestle UK moves HQ from Croydon to Gatwick

Nestle UK has announced today that it is to move its head offices from Croydon to a site near Gatwick by the end of 2012.

Nestle ‘sure’ child labour occurs in supply chain as company allows probe

Nestle has become the first food company to allow the Fair Labor Association (FLA) to investigate whether children are working on cocoa farms supplying its factories as the company said...

Nestle invests €45m on frozen pizza production in Germany as exports boom

Nestle has announced plans to expand production of its Wagner brand of frozen pizzas following a 400% export boost since Nestle acquired the brand in 2005.

Fugeia and Nestlé team on Brana Vita projects

A matter of weeks after it achieved Novel Foods approval for its ingredient Brana Vita, Belgian start-up Fugiea has announced a partnership with Nestlé to develop bran fibre foods.

Special Edition: Sustainable Supply Chain

Eco friendly methane trucks optimise supply chain for Nestle

Nestle UK has scooped an award for its use of methane trucks that has reduced CO2 emissions by 14% compared to diesel trucks with further potential to slash emissions in half.

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