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Kellogg records modest growth driven by Latin America and Asia-Pacific

Cereal and snacks giant Kellogg has announced growth in its fourth quarter (Q4) full-year results led by gains in Latin America and Asia-Pacific.

UK ad watchdog dismisses complaint against Kellogg

The UK advertising watchdog has ruled in favour of breakfast cereal giant Kellogg’s in relation to a complaint that a TV advert for a cereal was misleading in relation to...

Kellogg momentum has slowed again in Q4, claims analyst

Kellogg might have been outpacing rivals in the cereals category in the first three quarters but its volumes have started to drop off again and it remains under pressure thanks...

Toucan play that game: Kellogg backtracks in image dispute with Mayan group

Kellogg Company has dropped threats of legal action against a Mayan cultural heritage group that uses a Toucan as its logo.

Europe leads decline as Kellogg’s profits slump 14%

Cereal giant Kellogg has announced a 14% fall in profits in its third quarter (Q3) results as a consequence of poor performance in Europe led by the United Kingdom.

Kellogg’s to boost vitamin D levels to 25% RDA in its cereals

Kellogg’s UK “evolving fortification” policies have led to a commitment made today to boost vitamin D levels in a range of children’s breakfast cereals to 1.25 micrograms – or 25%...

Kellogg: We lost our momentum… But we’re in better shape now

Cereals and snacks giant Kellogg took its eye off the ball in 2009/10 but is now firing on all cylinders again, says its chief executive.

Mayan group claims Kellogg’s legal action over toucan logo

A non-profit organisation that defends indigenous Mayan culture says Kellogg Company is taking legal action over its use of a toucan logo.

Interactive packaging brings Kellogg closer to the customer, says technology supplier

Over the next year Kellogg and US-based Augme Technologies will be working on optimising interactive packaging technology with the aim of acquiring data about the cereal maker’s customer base.

UK lagging behind US cereal market but momentum expected in Q3, says Kellogg

The UK breakfast cereal category remains challenging reports Kellogg, as it announces net sales growth of 11 per cent to $3.4bm for its Q2, but the snack and cereal maker...

Kellogg joins global giants in food dehydration R&D trials

Kellogg is the fifth multinational food giant to sign a research and development agreement with EnWave to test the company’s dehydration technology for a product area which includes cereals and...

Kellogg gets federal warning after Listeria found in cookie plant

Kellogg Co has been censured by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) after traces of Listeria monocytogenes were found littered throughout its cookie plant in Georgia.

Kellogg reports profit drop, flags up challenging EU market

Kellogg’s said it expects Europe, and the UK in particular, to be its most challenging operating environment this year, as it reports first-quarter net income drop of 12 per cent...

Package-to-food ratio gains prove fuel winner, says Kellogg

A decrease in the package-to-product ratio for some of its snack packs saw financial and environmental gains for Kellogg’s, according to its latest corporate sustainability (CSR) report.

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Kellogg's UK md steps down

Kellogg's UK md Greg Paterson has stepped down, with the food manufacturer appointing a temporary successor until it finds a suitable long-term replacement.

Judge refuses to dismiss claims against Kellogg in tainted cracker case

A federal judge in the US has, in the main, refused to dismiss a proposed suit alleging that Kellogg did not adhere to consumer protection laws and contravened an implied...

Kellogg sues flexible packaging supplier over tainted cereal liners

Kellogg Company has launched legal action against a Canadian firm over allegations its tainted packaging cost the food giant millions of dollars and forced it to issue a nationwide recall...

Limited segregated palm oil supply sees Kellogg's use certificates

Kellogg’s claims a lack of segregated, sustainably grown palm oil means its only option in terms of ensuring environmental friendly sourcing is to purchase GreenPalm certificates to cover its palm...

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Many Americans mistaken about fiber sources, finds Kellogg’s

 Many Americans may be looking to the wrong foods to boost fiber intake, according to new research from the Kellogg Company.

Kellogg’s to pay $5m for false Rice Krispies immunity claims

The Kellogg Company will pay $5m to consumers misled by children’s immunity claims for its Rice Krispies breakfast cereal, after agreeing terms in an amalgamated class action in a California...

Kellogg's backs research into cereal-derived prebiotics

Funding of research at a Belgian university into how cereal-derived prebiotics benefit human health will enable the development of fibre-rich cereal foods with greater nutritional value, claims Kellogg’s.

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Kellogg COO to take over from retiring CEO MacKay

The Kellogg Company’s president, CEO and director David MacKay said that he plans to retire on January 1, 2011, the company said on Monday.

Kellogg and Covance enter seven-year food safety partnership

Kellogg’s has entered into a seven-year food safety testing agreement with Covance, which has completed construction of its Nutritional and Food Safety Laboratory in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Kellogg to pay millions in kids’ attention class action settlement

The Kellogg Company will pay consumers up to $2.75m over misleading kids’ attention claims for its Frosted Mini-Wheats cereals, after a federal judge reached a class action settlement.

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Kelloggs wins industry advertising award

A Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Squares advert won the 2010 gold award for Long Term Effectiveness at the bi-annual IAPI Advertising Effectiveness awards (ADFX) last week.

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