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Hostess Brands won’t sell: It is ‘premature’ to consider offers

Hostess Brands has turned down buy-out and initial public offering (IPO) proposals as it believes it can continue to strengthen its brands.

Hostess Brands Sale Rumors: Part II

Hostess Brands sale could see global bakery titan emerge

Hostess Brands could see global expansion of Twinkies, Donnettes et al. and an extremely strong bakery player emerge if a buyout transpires, analysts say.

Hostess Brands sale rumors: Part I

Twinkies takeover: Who could buy Hostess?

Grupo Bimbo, Flowers Foods, Post and Aryzta have all been touted as suitors in the rumored $2bn Hostess Brands sell-out, but who is best-suited to take on the infamous Twinkie?

Edita to take Twinkies to Middle East & North Africa after extending Hostess deal

Egyptian bakery manufacturer Edita has embarked on an aggressive regional expansion drive across the Middle East and North Africa after acquiring the rights to Hostess Brands’ Hoho’s, Twinkies and Tiger...

Cardboard tray system slashes bakers' costs and could reduce retail bread prices

Replacing plastic trays with a cardboard system could allow US retailers to slash US bread prices while maintaining profit margins and lowering costs for manufacturers, says the maker of the...

Hostess Brands president: Bringing business back was a ‘herculean effort’

Bringing Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Cup Cakes et al. back to market was no easy task as it involved expanding and innovating fast, the president of Hostess Brands says.

Convenience trend hurts both cereal and baked breakfast goods: Analyst

The US trend of skipping breakfast or eating it on the go hurts both cereal and packaged breakfast baked goods, according to an analyst behind a Packaged Facts report. 

Hostess Brands may move beyond US soon, president says

Hostess Brands could move beyond the US as strong interest from around the world has the potential to spark partnerships, its president says.

McKee Foods brings back Devil Dogs, Ring Dings, Yodels, Drake’s Coffee Cake 10 months after Hostess collapse: ‘We had to start from scratch’

The return of brands from the former Hostess stable including Devil Dogs, Ring Dings, Yodels and Drake’s Coffee Cake on Monday will be followed by several other Drake’s products in...

Hostess Brands president: 'The Twinkie is like Elvis - many impersonators, but only one king'

Hostess Brands may develop new cake lines with added fiber, wholegrain or even gluten-free variants and it's not afraid of competition, its president says.

Twinkies must innovate slowly, warns marketing expert

The Twinkies return has been terrific but the owners need to take things slowly and ensure a solid comeback before launching any line extensions like gluten-free variants, a marketing expert...

Gluten-free Twinkies: A money-making move?

A gluten-free Twinkie would plug a market gap and hold huge appeal among US gluten-free consumers looking for indulgence and taste, says an analyst.

Return of the Twinkie: Naughty but nice?

Consumers, the marketers tell us, want healthier, more wholesome snacks with clean-labels and all-natural ingredients. So on paper, at least, the long-term prospects for Twinkies - returning to a store...

Flowers Foods gets green light to buy ex-Hostess bread assets

Georgia-based Flowers Foods has received the regulatory seal of approval for its $360m deal to acquire several bread brands and other assets from the business formerly known as Hostess Brands.


Hostess sales tot up $860m

Hostess Brands has closed all asset sales and pulled in $860m; a figure a little less than the worth of the company but expected given the speed of the sell-offs,...

News in brief

Flowers Foods obtains $300m loan to help finance acquisition of Hostess' bread business

Flowers Foods has obtained a $300m loan to help finance its acquisition of Hostess Brands' bread business.

News in brief

Hostess latest: United States Bakery wins Sweetheart, Eddy’s, brands; Flowers to take brands to new areas

United States Bakery has won the auction for the Sweetheart, Eddy’s, Standish Farms and Grandma Emilie’s brands as part of the sell off of chunks of the Hostess Brands empire....

McKee Foods secures Drake’s portfolio as Hostess cancels auction

It’s too early to say when Devil Dogs and Ring Dings will be back on shelves, but they - and other brands in the Drake’s snack cake portfolio - will...

How will new owners stage a Twinkies revival?

Apollo and Metropoulos will have to work hard to drive forward Hostess’ snack cake brands in a saturated market but dollar stores could hold promise, an analyst says.

Flowers Foods wins majority of Hostess bread assets for $360m without auction

Flowers Foods has won the bid for a majority of Hostess bread assets including Wonder Bread and Nature’s Pride outside of auction after no other bidders stepped forward.

Baker’s union boss: 'I’m here to set the record straight on Hostess Brands'

While Hostess Brands has placed the blame for its demise squarely on the shoulders of the Baker’s union, its boss says his members rejected the company’s final collective bargaining offer...

Metropoulos, Apollo see ‘significant potential for renewed growth’ for Twinkies, Ho Hos, Zingers

Hostess Brands has chosen a joint $410m offer from two investment firms — C. Dean Metropoulos & Co. and Apollo Global Management LLC — as the lead bid for Twinkies...

Hostess picks next two stalking horse bidders for Drake's and additional bread brands

Hostess Brands has selected stalking horse bidders for its Drake's snack cake brand and for its Sweetheart, Eddy's, Standish Farms, and Grandma Emilie's bread brands.

Hostess gears up for Feb 28 auction for Wonderbread et al and says Drakes deal is close

Hostess Brands Inc. has won permission from the bankruptcy court to sell most of its bread brands at auction on February 28, and says it will submit plans to sell...

Ex-striking Hostess union says it will support and work with bidders

The president of Hostess Brands' BCTGM workers union has said its members are looking to support and work with well-capitalized bidders.

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